• Hacking is a serious threat, especially for individuals and small organizations short on staff or technical skills.
    Add SiteLock protection to your Exabytes' plan and you'll:

    • Detect threats to your website.
    • Protect your website visitors.
    • Inspire customer confidence.
    • Have access to 24/7 assistance.
  • New SiteLock Dashboard

    Don’t miss an alert or website security risk. The enhanced SiteLock dashboard sends you instant notification of any threats to your online business. And you can login to your real-time website security dashboard from anywhere to get the website scan summary, or drill-down to see where potential problems exist. We display simple fix-it steps and tools so you can resolve any issues.


Protect Your Site – Build Customer Trust!

What is SiteLock™?

SiteLock performs daily scans of a website to identify vulnerabilities and protects against threats like viruses, cross-site scripting, SQL injection and even email blacklisting. SiteLock scans your websites and alerts you if there is any vulnerability found on your website or when your website is blacklisted by Google to avoid costly business losses.

  • Establish Trust

    The SiteLock Trust Seal provides customer confidence and increases your sales and conversions.
  • Increase Sales

    Displaying the SiteLock Seal increases conversion rates on your site. It will give your business instant credibility & trust in the eyes of customers.
  • Daily Scanning

    SiteLock automatically scans your website for vulnerabilities and malware to ensure they are not being blocked or spammed.
  • Business Verification

    Validates that your business exists and can be trusted.
  • Spam & Malware Monitoring

    Checks your site daily to make sure you're free of spam and malware.
  • Website Secured

    With Sitelock installed in your website, you get instant alert when there are attacks from malicious users or hackers.

Exabytes is a SiteLock partner offering three SiteLock products that are available to our web hosting customers only.

We Guarantee

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SiteLock Find


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SiteLock Prevent


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Malware Scan Yes Yes
External Network Scan Yes Yes
Website Application Scan No Yes
SQL Injection Scan No Yes
Cross Site Scripting (XSS) No Yes
Daily FTP Scanning No Yes
File Change Monitoring (XSS) No Yes
Automatic Malware Removal No Yes
Advanced Vulnerability Scans No Yes
TrueShield™ Web app firewall No Yes
Number of Pages 25 2500
Recommended For Simple HTML websites Forums, E-Commerce Sites, Advance WordPress, Joomla, Drupal websites
Pricing SiteLock Basic SiteLock Enterprise
Trust Seal Yes Yes
Business Verification Yes Yes
Phone Number Verification Yes Yes
Search Engine Blacklist Monitoring Yes Yes
Spam Verification Yes Yes
SSL Verification Yes Yes
Domain Verification Yes Yes
Postal Mail Verification No Yes
Pricing SiteLock Basic SiteLock Enterprise
1 Year Before: $99.00


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Before: $499.00


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Free Setup Fee

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Pricing SiteLock Basic SiteLock Enterprise


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Free Setup Fee

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Free Setup Fee

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Free Setup Fee

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How SiteLock Works?

  • Malware Scanning

    When your website is infected with malware, your visitors' computers will be infected with viruses after visiting your site, which in turn causes frustration, anger, and distrust with them. With SiteLock, viruses on your website will be identified, and you will be notified immediately so that we can help you REMOVE it.

  • Blacklist Monitoring & Reputation Management

    SiteLock's patent-pending 360-degree scan makes sure your website is not banned by search engines. It also effectively ensures that your emails reach your customers' inbox, and Not their spam folder. Lastly, SiteLocks prevents your visitors from seeing warnings about data security (SSL certificate) when they visit your site by consistently checking your SSL expiry date and compliance with web browser expectations.

  • Secure Malware Alert & Removal Tool (SMART)

    The complex SMART scan takes a deeply comprehensive look at the surface of your website from the outside-in. If any malware is detected, the automated tool quickly REMOVES it so that your website does not become blacklisted or incur any downtime. Your visitors will enjoy a consistent secure experience when visiting your website.

  • Application Scanning

    SiteLock verifies the applications you've installed on your website. As application versions age (like Windows 2000 or Wordpress 1.0) and become vulnerable to hacking such as Cross-Site Scripting or SQL injection, SiteLock reports it to you immediately and can help you upgrade your applications to secure your site.

  • Database Protection

    SQL injection, a type of hacking that illegally gains access to the database records such as credit card data is an extremely damaging attack to vulnerable websites. With SiteLock, the risk of your website being compromised by hacking of this nature is also greatly reduced.

  • Network Security

    Some ports of network servers need to stay open (e.g. the port for web content on your Internet server) while others should not be (e.g. the e-mail or database ports on the same server). If hackers successfully gain access to your network, they could steal data, deface your website, or worse. SiteLocks checks each port (thousands) on your servers to make sure that only the appropriate ones are open and protect them using strong security.

  • PCI Compliance *Extra Fees Apply

    PCI is a security required by the major credit card brands (Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express) to reduce fraud and bring all companies who take credit card payment up to a minimum level of security. The penalties for not complying with the PCI regulations are very costly. SiteLock offers a simple online SAQ (Self-Assessment Questionnaire) that guides you through the PCI application process and makes it a simple, one-stop shop for SMB professionals so that you can focus on running your core business.

Client's Testimonials

  • " Once I received email from my client telling me that his PC was infected by virus after paying a visit to my website. I didn't believe him until I install SiteLock, it did a scanning and found my site really got virus. I felt sorry for my customer, by let bygones be bygones. In future, I don't think I want to risk my customers again. Thumbs up for SiteLock, for helping me to achieve what I want for my customer. "Chong Tian Loong
  • "I chose SiteLock offered by Exabytes few months ago out of curiosity. After using it, I was particularly impressed by it's various features such as blacklist monitoring & reputaation mgmt that prevent my site from getting blacklisted. Besides, since my website also accepts credit cards payment, I'm happy to use it's Self-Assessment Questionnaire features that can guide me through the tedious PCI application process."Abdullah Halima
  • "I was shocked when I read the newsletter from Exabytes that says "Your Website is Hacked!". However after a few seconds, I realize it was only a warning message to warn us about how vulnerable our website is. So I went to subscribe to Sitelock Enterprise package and I feel safer ever since. The Sitelock will warn you about any incoming attack and perform daily scanning and monitoring of your website. Now I can have a peace of mind."Julius Ong
  • "Thanks Exabytes for explaining how this Sitelock works and how can it protects my website from harm. The price is also quite reasonable for the benefits and features that the product provides. Been staying with Exabytes for 3 years now and so far they haven’t disappoint me!"Melvin Liew
Frequently Asked Questions
What is SiteLock?
SiteLock protects your website from various security problems, and shows your visitors that your site is safe.
Once installed, SiteLock Basic performs numerous scans of your website, finding security breaches including malware, email vulnerabilities, and other problems. When the various scans are complete and your business is verified, you can display the “SiteLock Secure” badge on your site, letting your visitors know that your site is officially safe and problem free.
Is my website data safe?
Absolutely. SiteLock does not modify any of your website data or applications. We simply scan your site, much like your PC anti-virus scanning software. We identify potential problems and notify you of them. If you need help fixing any issues, our expert services team is available to provide technical support.
How can I order SiteLock?
Exabytes® is a SiteLock partner offering three SiteLock products that are available to its web hosting customers only. Get Started Today!
What must I do if SiteLock found vulnerabilities on my website?
Most of the time, the vulnerabilities were due to outdated versions of open source web applications installed on your website such as Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, etc.
What you need to do is generate and download a full backup of your website, and perform an upgrade of your web application to the latest version. If you are using a custom developed web application, then you shall contact your website developer immediately.
What will happen if I ignore the vulnerabilities of SiteLock?
Your website might potentially get hacked and cause disruption to your website. Your website might also be used as medium for sending out SPAM or hacking another vulnerable website.
Isn’t it Website Security my web host’s responsibility?
Exabytes will ensure the server and network which your website is hosted on are secure. However, the security of your website or web application layer needs the cooperation from you as a website owner as well as your Webmaster or Web Developer.
Simple Rules of Thumb:
  • Password. Make sure you use strong passwords that have a combination of alphabets, numbers and special characters. Use different passwords for different logins; change your password once at least every 3 months.
  • Open Source Web Applications. Make sure your web applications are always up to date. If you are using the pre-installed apps from your cPanel cPAddons, SiteSoftware or Softaculous, you can upgrade easily to the latest version using the one-lick “Upgrade” button inside your cPanel.
  • Unused Web Application. Make sure your web applications that are no longer in use or for testing purposes only are disabled or deleted.
  • Folders and Files Permission. Make sure you don’t allow “All Writeable” and “All Executable” to all your files and folders. Only grant the required permissions to selected folders and try to avoid granting both “All Writeable” and “All Executable” to the same folder.

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