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Convert and Grow Your Business on Mobile Website

What is Mobile Website

A website that is designed for the computer users might look amazing on full PC screen, but it can be a disaster when users browse it on mobile phones with smaller screen. For instance too slow, bad navigation etc. A mobile site is optimized for the mobile device to make it load faster, simple and easily navigated with the needs of mobile users in mind.

What is goMobi?

goMobi is a mobile website builder platform that allows you to create a website designed specifically for mobile devices quickly and easily.

Why You Need Mobile Website?

  • Smartphone Usage Is Exploding

    According to a recent report from Strategy Analytics in the third quarter of 2012, the number of smartphones being used around the globe has hit 1 billion. A Google analysis shows that 66% access the Internet every day on their smartphone and most never leave home without it.
  • Mobile Users Expect Quick Browsing Experience

    A site designed to be viewed on a desktop PC is informative with a lot contents, but it takes a relatively long time to load on mobile and does not fit well in small screen. You need a mobile site that is simple, straight-forward and easily navigable by mobile users.
  • Mobile Site Is Critical For Businesses

    A research by Google in 2012 reveals that 94% of smartphone users look for local information on their phone and 90% take action a result, such as making a purchase or contacting the business. Without a mobile site for your business, you would be losing the opportunities to your competitors.
  • Save Cost Without Separate Apps

    Instead of spending your budget to develop apps on different mobile OS like Android and iOS, you can put the same resources behind a single mobile website for a much better investment. A mobile website gives you the flexibility that it will display on Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows phone, Palm and any mobile device with a browser.


  • GoMobi Package
  • Free Mobile Site Templates
  • Free QR Code
  • Free Mobile Site Builder
  • GoMobi Mobile Site Hosting
  • Mobile Friendly Features Instant Design

  • GoMobi Mobile Site + Instant Design

  • $399


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  • 40
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  • 12months
  • Site Template + 12 Features Professional Design

  • GoMobi Mobile Site

  • $79


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What's Included In Mobile Friendly Features Instant Design

GoMobi mobile friendly features are specially designed to make mobile browsing experience a breeze. Our professional design team can help you to customize your mobile site template + set up 12 useful features which allow your customers to easily explore your mobile site.

Feature : How it helps your business
About Customers can read the summary of your business.
Full Website Customers can access your full website with one click.
Tell A Friend Customers can share your business and product info via Facebook, Twitter, email and SMS with one click.
Site Translation Customers can select a language of their choice.
Call Us Customers can make call to your business easily with one click.
Find Us Customers can find your business location on Google maps.
Opening Hours Let customers know the opening hours of your business.
Leave A Message Let customers leave a message for you via the email address you provide.
Facebook Visitor can access your Facebook page instantly.
Custom Features 3 additional custom features of your choice (from the other GoMobi Site Builder features)

Only 3 Steps to have Your Own Mobile Website!

Step 1 - Submit form

Order and Select Template

Sign Up $399 GoMobi Mobile Site + InstantDesign package

Step 2 - Give Company Info

Sign Up Package

Our design personnel will contact you to get your preferred template and business details such as company summa, product info etc.

Setup in 14 Days!

Setup In 14 Days

Our design team will design the mobile site after getting all info and requirements from you.

Order Now

Mobile Site Ready

Your mobile site is now complete and ready to launch!

goMobi Features

Easy to Use

goMobi mobile sites can be created easily using friendly site editor in a matter of minutes without requiring in-depth technical knowledge.

Fully Customized

Upload your own company logo, choose from multiple templates and icons sets to suit the look and feel of your brand or business.


Customers can contact your business from anywhere within the site with one click. Multiple Click-To-Call numbers supported.

Business on Google Maps

Customers can find your business location including direction and distance on Google Maps with one click. Multiple locations supported.

Ready Commerce

Feature your products to allow customers to purchase directly through shopping cart using their phones. Fully integrated with Google Checkout and PayPal.

QR Code

Generate QR Codes or printed marketing flyers with one click and allow customers a quick entry point to any page on the mobile site.

Share content

Allow your visitors to easily share site content via Facebook, Twitter, email and SMS with one click.

Works On Any Device

Auto detect and redirect visitors to the best experience with flawless websites across thousands of mobile devices, including smartphones, non-smartphones.

More Features


Create special offers and redeemable coupons to convert leads into sales. Multiple coupons supported.

Talk to a specialist who knows your needs like the back of his hand. Call +60(4)6308283.


Let customers read business reviews/testimonials that have been added to Yelp and Foursquare.

Talk to a specialist who knows your needs like the back of his hand. Call +60(4)6308283.

Opening Hours

Tell customers your business operation time with dynamic opening hours feature.

Talk to a specialist who knows your needs like the back of his hand. Call +60(4)6308283.

Mobile Analytics

Track visitors, devices they use, where they went on the site, countries they came from and much more.

Talk to a specialist who knows your needs like the back of his hand. Call +60(4)6308283.

Mobile Reservations

Allow customers to make reservations/appointment directly from the mobile site.

Talk to a specialist who knows your needs like the back of his hand. Call +60(4)6308283.

Site Translation

Allow mobile site users to translate
the content into 30+

Talk to a specialist who knows your needs like the back of his hand. Call +60(4)6308283.

Call Back

Allows mobile users to leave a
message and request a

Talk to a specialist who knows your needs like the back of his hand. Call +60(4)6308283.

RSS Feeds

Display news and information from
other websites using
RSS feeds.

Talk to a specialist who knows your needs like the back of his hand. Call +60(4)6308283.

Custom Forms

Create form to suit your business needs with ready-made template forms. Multiple forms supported.

Talk to a specialist who knows your needs like the back of his hand. Call +60(4)6308283.

Event Calendar

Display your events from your Google Calendar on your mobile site. Content are automatically updated.

Talk to a specialist who knows your needs like the back of his hand. Call +60(4)6308283.

Social Media Integration

Intergrate your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ page in your mobile site with automated content updates.

Talk to a specialist who knows your needs like the back of his hand. Call +60(4)6308283.

Smartphone Bookmark

Add a bookmark icon and enable users to easily return to your mobile site from their device home screen.

Talk to a specialist who knows your needs like the back of his hand. Call +60(4)6308283.

Check-In Services

Vistors can connect to FourSquare, Facebook Places, Yelp, Google Places from your site.

Talk to a specialist who knows your needs like the back of his hand. Call +60(4)6308283.

Unlimited subpages

Add unlimited custom pages
to highlight additional

Talk to a specialist who knows your needs like the back of his hand. Call +60(4)6308283.

Image Gallery

Publish images into to your mobile websites as image gallery. Images are optimized for each device.

Talk to a specialist who knows your needs like the back of his hand. Call +60(4)6308283.

Google Analytics

Integrate Google Analytics into
mobile site in one
simple step.

Talk to a specialist who knows your needs like the back of his hand. Call +60(4)6308283.


Automatically converts and optimizes up to 10 videos in your mobile site.

Talk to a specialist who knows your needs like the back of his hand. Call +60(4)6308283.

Advanced SEO

Add unique keywords to each page of your mobile site to increase search engine discoverability

Clients' Testimonials

  • "Running my business on the internet, im always looking for other effective ways to increase my website traffic and search ranking. Building backlinks, enhance SEO and visitors' website experience, I have all done so. But Attracta give me something extra than all these - giving my website more qualified traffic. I'd recommend Attracta to anyone who is serious in improving their website search rankings and traffics. "Johnny Lim
  • " The feature which I think my e-biz benefited most from Attracta is that it helps me identify my SEO problems such broken links, duplicated meta tags etc, submits my sitemap to some big search engines regularly and so on. In short, it identify the pitfalls of my website in getting good traffic. I'm glad that Exabytes has recommended this service to me. "Chan Hoe Yan
  • "To me, higher web traffic/ranking means higher potential of online sales and profits. There are many features of Attracta, that help in this such as Google blacklist checking, 1 click SEO apps, SEO reports beside XML sitemap submission and so forth. So far, I've seen a sizeable increase in my website traffic and sales. Thanks Attracta for helping my site rankings and traffic."Abdul Ahmad

The Growing Importance of Go Mobile - Trends & Stats

Frequently Asked Questions
What does a goMobi site look like?
Have a look at Exabytes goMobi site at
What is included in the package?
The following is included in the package:
  • Hosting of the goMobi site
  • Unlimited access to the Control Panel to modify your mobile website site
  • A fair use policy applies to traffic volumes a 2,000 page views per day is the approximate ceiling
Is an existing website required for goMobi to work?
goMobi can be set up as a standalone website, although we suggest it works best as a complement to an existing website, not as a standalone site. In either case, a domain name is required for goMobi to work. While your existing web site is aimed at giving a full and comprehensive picture of your business, a goMobi mobile site allows you to deliver immediate access to what matters most when on the go. The two sites are complimentary and work together to make sure your customers are getting the most appropriate experience for their context and their device.
Does goMobi require a .mobi domain name?
No, goMobi does not require a .mobi domain name. goMobi can be activated on ANY 2nd level or 3rd level domain (subdomain).
I already own a domain name, can I use it for goMobi instead of getting another one?
Yes, you can use an existing domain. Make sure that the DNS of the domain you want to use for your mobile site is updated. You need to set up a CName record on the domain you want to use for your mobile site. This needs to point to
How is my goMobi mobile site built?
When you sign up for goMobi, you get access to the goMobi Control Panel. With the Control Panel your site can be built in minutes and edited whenever you wish. Another great feature of your goMobi site is that some of the content from your desktop site may already be populated on your goMobi site, such as your telephone number, address and logo etc, if your desktop site URL is provided when purchasing the goMobi site from Exabytes.
How will people actually get to my site?
There are four ways by which users can reach your site.
The easiest way is to promote the site to your customers. For example, using goMobi you can send links via text message for your goMobi site to your customers’ mobile phones so they always have your information in hand.
  • 1 - Automatic redirection. Add redirection code to your desktop site, so if your visitors go to your desktop website on a mobile device they will automatically redirected to your mobile site seamlessly. You can generate the code to add to your desktop site from the ‘Advanced’ feature in the Control Panel or by clicking on the Finish button on the Control Panel.
  • 2 - Generate the QR Code flyer from QR Code feature. QR codes are a great way for people to go directly to you mobile site. You can easily generate a QR Code and/or marketing flyer with one click. You can print this and place it in your store/business location or include in any marketing materials so that people can scan the QR code with their phone and be brought directly to your mobile site. QR codes can be created to point to any page on your mobile site. Your QR code will always work, even if you change the domain of your mobile site.
  • 3 - Search. Users on mobile devices increasingly see mobile sites returned in search results, so goMobi sites will increase your business’s visibility to mobile users.
  • 4 - Add a link on your desktop website to your goMobi site. This will help increase awareness that the mobile site is available. This functionality is offered as part of the goMobi package, and can be easily put in place by the designer of your desktop website.
How to set Domain Name Server (DNS) settings for GoMobi website?
In order to route HTTP traffic to goMobi website domains, the DNS settings for mobile domain traffic must be configured correctly. To do this, you must change your DNS records for your mobile domain according to the most appropriate scenario in the table below.
Note: If you are unsure where and how to manage your DNS settings, please contact your domain provider for help.
Mobile domain type Required DNS settings
3rd-level mobile domain name
Set the CNAME record to direct traffic to
Example: CNAME
2nd-level mobile domain name
If the DNS system supports CNAMEs on 2nd-level domains,use a CNAME record to direct traffic to
Example CNAME
If the DNS system does not support CNAMEs on 2nd-level domains, use an HTTP redirect server to redirect to, add an A record for to point at this server, and then add a CNAME record for that points to
How many users can the goMobi site handle?
goMobi leverages one of the most advanced technologies to ensure scalability and fast response even in the moments of highest pressure. However, a Fair Use Policy applies, which limits traffic to your goMobi site at 2,000 page views per day.
How soon is a goMobi site live after the service is activated?
Your goMobi site should be open for business from the moment you click the “Finish” button in the Control Panel. Depending on the domain you are using, there might be a certain delay as a result of how quickly the nameservers′ information propagates on the Internet.
Where I can get the guide to use goMobi control panel?
You can get the guide in Help section in your goMobi control panel.

Screenshots of Gomobi

Design Layout

Site Colors


Sitebuilder - Features

Sitebuilder - Tools

Find Us

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Sample Mobile Website

Analytical Tool - Visitor Data

Analytical Tool - Visitor Profile Top 10 Data

Control Panel Guide

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