• Server Co-location

    Co-location with Exabytes allows clients to lower their overhead and focus on their core competencies. Co-location in our data center suits businesses with 24X7 accessibility and high-speed Internet demands. By leveraging their own equipment investments, customers save money while taking advantage of the state-of-the-art facilities at the data center for co-location service.

    • Better Power Redundancy.
    • Better Network Speed and Reliability.
    • Redundant and Improved Cooling / AC Environment Conditioning.
    • Network and Server Specialists.

Multiple Servers Co-location

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Terms and Conditions

  • Power shall be metered and usage above the allocation shall be charged at RM0.68 per kWh (HVAC)
  • Total Startup Payment = Setup Fee + Monthly Fee
  • No Deposit Required
  • Server will be hosted in AIMS Data Center
  • Month to Month Contract
  • Payment term: Standard Monthly, CASH Term Only
  • Discounts term: Half Yearly (Setup Fee Waived) / Yearly (Setup Fee Waived + 10% Discount)
  • Pricing include 1st Level Technical Support (reboot & remote assistance)
  • Please download the Visit Data Center form here before you visit our data center for your server installation.
  • Service cancellation need to be made 30 days in advance
  • For enquiries, please contact us.
  • You do agree to our terms of service available here.

What are the benefits of Server Co-location?

  • Better Power Redundancy

    Data Center comes with redundant power feeds. In the case of a power failure at the main supply, the power system will automatically switch to the backup power supply. There is also a power generator system which will prevent the loss of power in the event both power feeds are lost.

  • Better Network Speed and Reliability

    When a company sets up a network at an office they usually only get the Internet bandwidth capacity that they need in order to manage costs. A Co-location facility prepares you for a much greater extent to provide a faster and more reliable Internet network. Data Center is also configured with network redundancy. In case the primary network is inaccessible, it will switch to the backup network.

  • Redundant and Improved Cooling / AC Environment Conditioning

    This Data Center or server farm is set up with redundant AC systems. Should an AC system have to be taken offline for repairs or standard maintenance there is another system already working in place to keep the facility cool and at the best environment for computers and other network routers and gear.

  • Network and Server Specialists

    At the best co-location facilities, the facility has the best Network and Server Specialists who helps monitoring your servers on 24/7 basis. These groups of well trained support teams are there to assist you so that you save your cost in hiring your own engineers to monitor on your servers on 24/7 basis.

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