• Multiple Location Cloud Hosting

    Exabytes Cloud offering Cloud Hosting in multiple location for your business need in different region.

    • Cloud Hosting Kuala Lumpur & Cyberjaya
    • Cloud Hosting Singapore
    • Cloud Hosting Colorado, USA
    • Cloud Hosting Japan

Exabytes Cloud Hosting Grant ($1,000 Credits) for ISVs Program

Go Cloud For FREE!

Attention all Independent Software Vendors!

In view of Exabytes' initiative to spur the adoption of Cloud Technology, we are offering $1,000 Cloud Credits to all qualified ISVs.

Examples of ISVs: mobile application development companies, software development companies, web design companies, etc.

Exabytes Cloud Hosting is a full-fledged cloud available in multi-locations such as Singapore, Malaysia and the USA. Besides being frequently related to better website experience due to its ability in maintaining website loading speed even at times of unpredictable web traffic surge, cloud allows website owners to fully focus on their websites, e-Commerce, products, profits, etc. instead of hardware and the huge cost commonly incurred in upgrading.

How Cloud Technology helps your business growth?

  • High Website / Server Availability
  • Self-Healing Hardware
  • Highly Scalable with Demand
  • More Internal IT Resources
  • Pay As You Use - Cost Saving

Our Objectives:

  • To enable ISVs to embrace the SaaS business model and extend their offerings beyond the shores of the United States.
  • To lower the barriers for traditional model ISVs for SaaS enablement
  • To expedite the SaaS enablement process
  • To upgrade the capability of ISVs in SaaS enablement

Apply NOW!

Apply NOW! The grant is ONLY open to first 50 registrations.

Please fill in the below form to request for free account:

No Item Exabytes US ISV Cloud Program
Criteria For Application: Exabytes US ISV Cloud Program
1 Applicants must own a registered company. (This program is Not for Singapore and Malaysia based businesses) Yes
2 Host Applications which need elastic server resources, High Performance Computing (HPC), Rendering, Software As a Service (SAAS), Testing and Trainings server environment Yes
3 Any ISVs (Independent software vendor), Web Developers or Technical, Savvy Users who need elastic server resources Yes

5 Reasons Why Exabytes Cloud Hosting

  • High Availability, Self-Healing Hardware

    Unlike traditional hosting, our whole infrastructure is cloud-based with high redundancy and high availability. So what happens if the hardware fails?

    • Every virtual machine within the cloud is automatic self-healing.
    • The failed hardware will fall out of the cloud.
    • Your virtual machine will be back online within seconds on new hardware - automatically.
  • Enterprise Disk Storage

    • Exabytes’ Cloud Storage is powered by multiple units of DELL Equalogic which provide you with extremely reliable and scalable enterprise grade SANS storage that's configured as RAID 10.
    • Exabytes Cloud allows you to add more storage on demand without the need to migrate your servers or change to new hard drives.
    • Nightly, Weekly, Monthly and on Demand backups are included. You may also add in optional Managed Snapshot and Incremental backup.
  • Scale with Demand

    The other guys’ servers have a finite amount of resources but infinite amounts of traffic. Think Elasticity. Exabytes Cloud is able to dynamically assign:

    • RAM
    • CPU
    • Hard Disk
    • More Virtual Machines
  • Sign up and be online in minutes

    Our setups are automated. Your order will be processed automatically upon receipt of payment and your login details will be sent to you within 10 minutes. Just sign up with:

    • Credit card
    • PayPal
  • Cloud Hosting Expertise

    Exabytes Cloud Hosting is backed by over 40 Cloud Hosting specialists.

    • Exabytes is trusted by over 50,000 active clients worldwide.
    • Exabytes is currently managing over 600 hosting servers.
    • Exabytes understand your Cloud Hosting requirements well.

Terms and Conditions

  • Total credit value of USD1,000 is only valid for six (6) months commencing from the date of Exabytes' approval of the Company's application to participate in the Program.
  • This Credit is not redeemable for cash and applicable to our Flexi Cloud Server(Cloud VPS) and Flexi Cloud Node. 
  • ISV may need to pay additional license fees (cPanel or MSSQL) where applicable.
  • Strictly NO refund is allowed for Services.
  • You do agree to our terms of service available here. 
  • Exabytes reserves the right to amend any Terms and Conditions without prior notice.

Client's Testimonials

  • " Thank you for you and your crew's help because finally i successfully redirect the domain to my blogspot today. Good job exabytes' crew! You are the best! :) "Kevin Tain
  • " This is another reason why exabytes been around for so long and why we customers love em so much. rock on! "fuNky (RS Gusto Trading Enterprise)
  • " In my (soon to be 2 years) hosting/domain renewal with Exabyte (Malaysia), I have not ceased to be amazed by the efficiency of the ticketing system. Tickets are replied the moment they receive your queries irrespective of which department handles your tickets. Another amazing achievement is how well the various departments cooperate to solve a client's problem. I would recommend Exabyte to all Malaysians intending to have their own hosted website as long as they can maintain this tradition of excellence. Special thanks to SH Neoh also for his/her rapidquick reply in solving my queries. "Jo @

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